New jazz music is quite exciting — look no further than our monthly jazz roundup for proof of that — and today Adult Swim has released a compilation highlighting some of the rising talent in the genre that’s appropriately called New Jazz Century. It features exclusive new tracks from Colin Stetson, Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah, Sons Of Kemet, Makaya McCraven, Nate Mercereau and Dave Harrington, and many more. The compilation was organized by Adult Swim writer/producer Luke Rhodes, who had this to say:

Jazz is an influence that’s always been in the background of the sorts of music we play on Adult Swim, particularly electronic and hip hop. But we’ve only recently started bringing that influence into the foreground. A compilation seemed like an opportunity to bring jazz more into the spotlight, as well as to introduce our audience to some modern currents in the jazz scene. We tried to narrow it down to a group that showed how much diversity is in the genre today, both in terms of who is playing jazz and what they’re doing with the form.

Listen to it below or over on their website.

01 Yazz Ahmed – “Dawn Patrol”
02 Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah – “Huntress”
03 Anna Webber – “Copland”
04 Anteloper – “Hideouts”
05 Jessica Ackerley – “Theia’s Mark”
06 Sons of Kemet – “Nyabinghi Order”
07 Matana Roberts – “Dreamed”
08 Eivind Opsvik – “Den Store Roen”
09 Angel Bat Dawid – “Insurrection Love Fury For The Innocent”
10 Sarathy Korwar – “At

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