Though a “for lease” sign hangs on the door of Blues Boulevard in downtown Spartanburg, the jazz bar isn’t going anywhere — it’s rebranding.

Blues Boulevard will reopen around the beginning of November as Blues Boulevard and Cigars operated by Desmond Cato who runs an educational consulting business and owns cigar shops. Cato is planning to add a tobacco shop to the jazz bar.

“I’m still working on the logistics as far as whether we will even attempt to, and I don’t think so, smoke inside, but the cigars will be available,” Cato said. 

Blues Boulevard in Spartanburg is changing operators and rebranding as Blues Boulevard and Cigars, adding a tobacco store. The jazz bar is set to reopen in early November at 99 S. Church Street in downtown Spartanburg.

Cato, whose son is a saxophone player who plays a lot of jazz, is excited to keep jazz music in Spartanburg. He also hinted that comedy shows might be in the jazz bar’s future.

“We definitely want to keep the culture and grow it,” said Cato who is also a former School District 7 educator. “We plan on doing some outreach and education activities as well in the community to support music and music education.”

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Cato is waiting until November and not setting an exact date to open