A Brandon University professor has launched a new double album combining jazz, pop and experimental music.

Matthew Steckler at BU’s School of Music started work on the album “Long Time Ago Rumble” three years ago when he first joined the faculty.

Matthew Steckler

Matthew Steckler

The project started out as a composition supported by the Brandon University Research Council and was then expanded in 2019 as a new score for a Charlie Chaplin silent film and several other compositions played by the Brandon University Chamber Players.

Later, Steckler brought together colleagues for a recording session funded by the research council and Manitoba Film & Music. The musicians working on the recording added to the compositions by performing improvised sections inspired by the theme of the album, which was in turn inspired by a favourite book of Steckler’s son about dinosaurs.

Steckler plays saxophone, flute, keyboards and electronic instruments and provides vocals for the album. Faculty member Eric Platz plays drums, Leanne Zacharias plays cello, Catherine Wood plays clarinet. BU alumni Keith Price plays guitar, Matt Kozicki plays bass, Lenya Wilks plays bass and Hannah Fearn provides vocals. Steckler’s wife, Megan Demarest, also contributed vocals. Noted Winnipeg pianist Jeff Presslaff also performed on the album.

“I wanted to harness the exceptional talent of the BU community, and began to write new music with their specific skill sets in mind,” Steckler said in a statement. “I was really excited by