DENVER (CBS4) – A seven piece Allman Brothers tribute band named the “Other Brothers” was wafting its sounds out of Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom and across Welton Street Friday night in Five Points. In the seats separated by distance, a group of people from Evergreen were thrilled to be there.

“I think it’s worth it, look at our seats,” said Campbell Brown. “Been 13 months. Ready to get back out there.”

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(credit: CBS)

Four friends sat together. Other tables were apart in the venue originally built as a jazz club decades ago.

“Feels normal. Feels like there’s some sense of normalcy, coming back to normalcy,” said Heather Nigat.

On stage, the band with three percussion musicians drove through Allman Brothers classics.

“It’s pretty unbelievable, but it is different,” guitarist James Dumm said about the slim crowd. The band smiled to each other as they played. “There’s also that camaraderie,” he added. “It’s a different vibe, but it’s kind of like communal. We’re all in this together.”

The show, one of two for the band on Friday night, was a sellout with 100 people in attendance. That’s all Cervantes’ can allow in under COVID-19 restrictions.

“The ticket price is quite a bit higher than