FORT WORTH, Texas — Live music owners, staff and musicians are struggling in this pandemic as many music venues have remained closed for months.

In downtown Fort Worth, Scat Jazz Lounge has not opened its doors to jazz music lovers since March and the owner says that’s also taking a toll on people emotionally.

“Music kinda makes things a little bit easier for us in life,” says Cary Ray, co-owner of Scat Jazz Lounge.

Which is why he has been trying to re-open, but it’s been difficult for him since his business is classified as a bar and two previous times he has come close to opening, a new order for bars to shut down has taken effect.

“We’re not like a regular bar, we can’t just turn on the lights. We’re a music venue, so we have to book entertainment weeks in advance so it takes us about six weeks to gear up to open,” says Ray.

Ray says his lounge has a distinctive feature that would keep patrons safe inside.

“One of the advantages we have here is that when we built the club we installed a custom air handler and it exchanges 100% fresh outside air constantly,” he shared.

The air handler was originally installed when smoking was allowed inside venues in Tarrant County. Ray says it works in conjunction with air filters that optimize the air people breathe indoors.

“All the current in the room is straight up to the ceiling there’s no cross drafts,” he explained.

He says he is taking every