This is a project I’ve had in the works for over a year; constantly shifting between who to include and tussling with my own Spotify playlists and Bandcamp didn’t help. I just couldn’t narrow it down to the point where I could start writing. This culminated in a, frankly ridiculous, list consisting of nearly 200 artists. At this point I decided I was being somewhat dramatic and instead decided to work with the 5 names which I felt held the most influence. 5 songs which have developed my taste and allowed this whole project to snowball into chaos. As much as it hurts to omit the likes of Radiohead, Funkadelic, Slowdive and Joni Mitchell, the following songs are my Greatest Hits.

Talking heads – ‘Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)’

Remain in Light is arguably my favourite album of all time. It seamlessly blends elements of post-punk with afrobeat and ambient, throwing nods to the likes of Fela Kuti as well as Brian Eno (who provides production and some instrumentation across the album). ‘Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)’ is the perfect opener to this astonishing album. It introduces the listener to funk polyrhythms which define the album’s never-ending groove, while also establishing David Byrne’s staggering personality. The awkward gestures and shouty repetition of ‘Look at These Hands’ adds a layer of disassociation from the rest of song. In a way it’s hypnotic, losing yourself in the heavily looped nature and prepares you for arguably the best experience