4p.m.-ish: Alexis Lombre Quartet. Over the past few years, singer-pianist Lombre has been building a following in Chicago, her hometown, and Detroit, and her opening set at the festival explained way. An emerging composer-bandleader of uncommon maturity and poise, Lombre launched her set chanting softly and wordlessly, thereby inducing the listener at home to lean in a bit, the better to catch the nuances of her work. Before long, her singing had swelled into an all-out cry, at once piercing in expression yet cushioned in tone. Her keyboard solos were fluid and sometimes virtuosic but never ostentatious. With Jahari Stampley providing vivid accompaniment on piano and bassist Junius Paul and drummer Isaiah Spencer driving rhythm forward, Lombre led a notably cohesive band. The set’s high point came with “Slow Down,” an original work Lombre credited to the entire ensemble, its message of calm and peace well-suited to our troubled times.