Published: 2/24/2021 12:02:53 AM

It seems that GOP Reps. Keith Ammon, Glenn Cordelli, and Jason Osborne are the modern day version of jazz trumpeter Nick LaRocca. The history of jazz, and LaRocca’s contribution to it, contains examples of the institutionalized, systemic racism that has been a part of our nation since its inception. And it’s still a problem, as evidenced by HB 544.

It’s hard to believe anyone would dispute that jazz – one of the greatest art forms ever created – was the product of Black musicians. And yet, did you know that the very first jazz recording, “Livery Stable Blues,” was recorded by Nick LaRocca and an all-white group of musicians? Why is that, you ask? Systemic racism. Black people weren’t allowed into the studios. LaRocca went to his grave insistent that the Black man had nothing to do with the creation of jazz.

Fast forward to 2021. Three white men in New Hampshire want to ban all discussion of our nation’s history if it in any way relates to racial or gender discrimination. And they cite as their inspiration, a “professor in the University system of New Hampshire” who they won’t name.

So much for local control. So much for open and honest discussion. So much for the truth. What is it about the

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