St. Charles Place, Granada, Brothers Saloon, Smitty Kicks, Club 33, the Office Café, River Rocks, Casey Jones—these are the ghosts of Hamilton music scene’s past.

Meg Hanson (at center) is the band leader of her new namesake band, the Megatones. She previously performed with the Meg Hanson Group. (Photo by Lynn Redmile.)

Living in these memories of big hair, late nights and early breakfasts at the diner takes us back to a time when music didn’t come out of our earbuds but instead out of our cars, our garages and our clubs and bars.

But how are musicians faring in Hamilton now? And where do music lovers go if they wish to see live music?

Meg Hanson would know. Previously of the popular Meg Hanson Group, the band leader is the namesake of her new band, the Megatones. She also taught vocals and piano at Nottingham High School for 20 years, and grew up in a musical family at a time when the aforementioned venues were thumping until the wee hours in Hamilton Township.

Hanson said that she believes the heart of rock and roll is still beating in Hamilton. She rattled off names of some of the legendary musicians who play in and around Hamilton—Ernie White, Tom Reock, Sandy Zio, Billy Hill, Joe Zook, Bob Smith and Joe Plumeri.

Even with the venues of the past departed,