Rachel Efron is back with a new stunning album, “Human As I Came.”

The Oakland singer-songwriter-pianist sounds absolutely terrific throughout the 11-track offering. The album catches your attention from the get-go, opening with two stand-out racks — “I Changed My Mind, I Want You” and “Your Money Costs Too Much” — which also happen to be the first two singles off “Human As I Came.”

Efron’s technique, like always, is topnotch as she marries piano pop and jazz styles on a record that is at times easy like Sunday morning and at other times strikingly emotional and raw.

The feel of the record probably has a lot to do with the space Efron was in — emotionally, mentally and physically — as she wrote material for the album. Having been diagnosed with late-stage neurological Lyme Disease in 2012, Efron stopped performing and focused on getting healthy. Her therapy included herbs and medicinal foods, but also just taking time to watch the sunsets and rest.

But she never stopped writing during that period, eventually ending up with enough new material for a new record.

“Even on my worst days, creatively, musically I was healthy,” she says. “Music was a way I could continue to experience myself as completely well. More than almost anything else in my life, it was a light that guided my way through.

“Now that I’m so much healthier, I have even more access to that side of myself. I am taking more creative risks than ever before. It’s a