Gregg August (photo by John Marolakos)

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While the national dialogue has been more focused on race in the last year or so, it’s been on musician and Rotterdam native Gregg August’s mind for more than a decade.

The jazz bassist released “Dialogues on Race” earlier this year, an album that’s been in the works since 2009. It’s already earned a Grammy Award nomination for best large jazz ensemble album.

“I’m not used to getting those types of acknowledgments. So it was pretty cool,” August said.

He may not be used to such industry accolades, but his life is rooted in music.

Growing up, some of his first music lessons were with Peggy Delaney, a local jazz musician and August’s aunt. He also learned quite a bit from his uncle, Bill Delaney.

“She taught me piano and [music] theory so I’m very indebted to Peggy and Bill for bringing me into the world of music,” August said. “Their life still is all about music and I’ve been lucky to have them as role models.”

His father, Ed, is also a pianist, and from a young age, August knew his life was going to be all about music too. After graduating from Draper High School, he studied at SUNY Albany with Richard Albagli before transferring to the Eastman School of Music (University of Rochester) and going on to sudy at The Juilliard School, where he

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