PAULLINA—The sound of jazz music could be heard in South O’Brien Junior High/High School’s choir room throughout the day Tuesday, Jan. 26, although the tunes did not just come from students rehearsing.

The first day of the Iowa Lakes Community College’s Jazz Choir Festival in Estherville was livestreamed in the room for any interested students to watch during their free time.

It also was an opportunity for members of the South O’Brien jazz choir to listen to their musical peers from surrounding schools the day before taking part in the festival Wednesday morning.

“Because of all the COVID protocols, once we get up there, we’re allowed to sing in our section of time, but then we can only listen to maybe one more group after us and then we have to politely excuse ourselves,” said John Krager, South O’Brien’s 7-12 vocal music instructor.

“That way, they don’t have a large grouping of people there.”