Dr Jonathan Crossley and his band members, Cesare Cassarino and Etienne Oosthuysen are among hundreds of talented artists featured at the 2020 National Arts Festival.

The popular arts festival, which celebrates the arts in South Africa kicked off online on 25 June 2020 and ran until 5 July.

The production of 433 Eros by the electro-acoustic trio, Deep Spacer, is ‘the culmination of over two years’ of testing, rehearsals and unhinged excessive bouts of technological tweaking,” said Crossley, a senior lecturer in the Music Department in the Wits Schools of Arts.

The ‘Spacers’ were working on the album prior to the lockdown, which prompted them to complete it in time for the vNAF, explained Crossley. “Honestly, the crazy part is that without lockdown, the project would never have coalesced into this work.”

Although the trio spent sleepless nights finishing off the album, Crossley is proud of the final product because, for the first time, they incorporated visuals into their music. For the vNAF, the album comes in the form of a 60-minute film with different videos edited together. The album is supported by curated audio responsive visuals, and quotations from leading cyber-theorists. “The big break for us is when they – vNAF – said we need to do some film work. This is the best thing we have done so far.”

Crossley added the model for the film was the same as for the music. We had to look at how we can get the film to respond to the music. We wanted