We salute the many artists who’ve released recordings in a year when music has never mattered more. Our hosts and content producers have shared a favorite classical and jazz album from 2020, and a specific track from each one. Enjoy!

Watch the YouTube videos below and listen to our picks on Spotify—2020 Favorites— Classical Spotify playlist and Jazz Spotify playlist.

Heather McDougal’s pick: Compositrices, from Juliette Hurel (flute) & Hélène Couvert (piano). Quite simply – this album singlehandedly won me back over to the flute after having fallen out of love with so much of what’s been written for it. If there’s an album we could equate to an hour of happy, shiny rainbows, this is it! Here is Clémence de Grandval’s Suite for Flute and Piano:  


Bob Perkins’ pick: Passion Flower from John DiMartino. “Chelsea Bridge” is a Billy Strayhorn composition that is just great!

Debra Lew Harder’s pick: Víkingur Ólafsson’s Debussy and Rameau. Icelandic pianist Ólafsson brings brilliance, wit and clarity to an unusual juxtaposition of two French masters from different epochs: Claude Debussy, from the Impressionist era, and Jean-Philippe Rameau from the High Baroque. Víkingur’s 2020 release for Deutsche Grammophon is intriguing and always a sonic delight. Here is Rameau’s “Tambourin”

Maureen Malloy’s pick: Cory Weeds, Day By Day. “Tangerine” is a classic tune, but